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Enhance Your Online Reputation with Our Comprehensive Review Management Software

In the highly competitive trade industry, your business’s reputation is key. Leveraging customer reviews effectively not only boosts your credibility but also enhances your visibility across search engines and social platforms. Our Review Management Software, included in all of our plans, offers a streamlined solution to manage, gather, and optimise customer feedback, helping you maintain a superior online presence.

Why Reviews are Crucial

Reviews are essential social proof that can significantly influence potential customers. They increase trust, enhance your search engine rankings, and drive more business your way by showcasing the quality and reliability of your services.

Key Features of Our Review Management System

Efficient Review Invitations

Quickly send review requests via SMS, email, or both with just a few clicks from your dashboard, ensuring consistent feedback without disrupting your daily workflow.

Seamless Automation and Integration

Integrate effortlessly with tools like ServiceM8, Jobber, Aroflo, and Simpro. Automate the review request process when a job is marked as Sold/Completed to collect feedback at crucial moments, available across all plans.

Mobile Review Management

Use the LeadConnector app to manage review requests and responses on the go. This mobile functionality allows you to handle your reputation management anytime, anywhere, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.

AI-Driven Responses and Social Media Promotion

Employ AI to respond to reviews automatically, ensuring timely and professional interactions. Automatically share top reviews to your social media channels to boost your online presence and attract new customers.

Customisable Review Widget

Enhance your website and sales funnels with a customisable review widget. Display selected positive feedback to increase your site’s credibility and convert more visitors into customers.

Comprehensive Analytics

Track and analyse your review activities with detailed reports. Understand your feedback trends, response rates, and overall customer sentiment to continually refine your approach and services.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I filter out negative feedback before it is published?

While you can control which reviews appear on your custom widget, direct gating of reviews on platforms like Google is not possible. Addressing negative feedback effectively can positively impact your reputation, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Is it possible to remove low-star reviews?

On platforms like Facebook, you can request the removal of spam reviews. On Google, engaging with unsatisfied customers to resolve issues may encourage them to adjust their ratings or remove their review, showcasing your proactive customer service approach.

What if I only want 5-star reviews?

While a perfect 5-star rating may seem ideal, a profile with a mix of mostly high reviews is more realistic and trustworthy to prospective customers. The amount of positive reviews (4 stars plus) will outweigh a lesser number of 5 star reviews. Our software helps you manage and optimise your ratings to maintain a reputable and reliable profile.

Why should I use this system if I already request reviews through emails?

If your current method is effective, you may choose to continue with it. However, combining SMS with your email requests can significantly increase response rates, and our system automates and streamlines these processes for greater efficiency.

Do I have to automate all my review requests?

Automation is optional. You can manually send review requests or set them to trigger based on specific actions, giving you complete control over how and when feedback is requested.

Why is it important to track review requests and their responses?

Monitoring these metrics is vital for understanding the effectiveness of your review management strategy. It helps in identifying customers who haven’t responded, so you can follow up, ensuring you maximise your feedback collection and continually enhance your service offerngs.

Elevate your trade business with advanced Review Management Software with The Hub.

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Ready to Close More Deals?

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The days of gluing different software together are gone. The Hub does it all!


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