Effortless Scheduling Solutions by The Hub

The Hub makes scheduling easy for trade businesses. Our calendars are designed to save you time, make planning simple, and help you connect better with your clients. Experience the difference with The Hub's variety of scheduling tools.

Diverse Calendar Types for Every Requirement

Simple Calendars

Perfect for in-person events and one-on-one meetings, these calendars offer a streamlined approach to schedule individual appointments. They provide a clear, user-friendly interface for straightforward meeting coordination, ensuring efficient management of your personal interactions and engagements.

Service Calendars

Ideal for managing individual client appointments, these calendars ensure seamless scheduling of services, from consultations to maintenance jobs.

Class Calendars

Designed for one-to-many events like webinars, workshops, or training sessions. Set the number of spots per slot (up to 9,999 attendees) and manage events efficiently with a single appointment owner, typically the host or trainer.

Group Calendars

Facilitate team coordination and resource management with calendars designed for multiple users, ensuring no overlaps and maximised resource utilisation.

Key Benefits of Calendars for Trade Businesses

Integration with Payment Portals

  • Calendar Payments: Enhance client convenience by allowing payments during the booking process. This feature is indispensable for businesses requiring pre-payment for appointments, ensuring a smooth transactional experience.

Seamless Synchronisation Across Platforms

  • Sync with External Calendars: Keep your schedule aligned across various platforms, including Google and Outlook, ensuring you never miss an appointment.

  • Mobile App Integration: Access and manage your appointments on the go. Our mobile app ensures your schedule is always at your fingertips, whether on site or in the office.

Automated Booking Confirmations and Reminders

  • Instant Confirmation: Receive immediate booking confirmations, ensuring clarity and efficiency for both you and your clients.

  • Automated Reminders: Reduce missed appointments with automated reminders, keeping everyone informed and prepared.

Efficient Management of No Shows and Cancellations

  • Track and Manage No Shows: Easily monitor no-shows and cancellations, gaining insights into client behaviour and optimising your scheduling strategy.

  • Streamlined Rebooking Processes: Quickly reschedule appointments with our efficient rebooking workflows, minimising disruption and maximising time utilisation.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Calendar Booking Pages: Create and manage appointments with ease using our intuitive booking pages, designed for simplicity and efficiency.

  • Desktop and Mobile App Accessibility: Whether you're working from your desktop or on the move, our calendars are fully accessible, ensuring you're always connected to your schedule.

Elevate Your Scheduling Experience

The Hub's calendar features are not just tools; they are comprehensive solutions crafted to meet the specific needs of trade businesses. With a focus on ease of use, efficiency, and integration, our calendars are designed to transform your scheduling process, providing you with the control and flexibility needed to manage your appointments effortlessly.

Discover how The Hub's calendar features can revolutionise your business's scheduling needs today.

Ready to Close More Deals?

Ready to Close More Deals?

The days of gluing different software together are gone. The Hub does it all!

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The days of gluing different software together are gone. The Hub does it all!


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PO Box 1872 Kingscliff NSW 2487

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