AI For Tradies

AI for Trade Businesses: Streamlining Operations

Learn how The Hub's AI Features can transform your trade business.

From revolutionising sales, to content creation, and customer service, embrace AI to take your marketing to the next level.


Appointment Bookings Automation

Utilising an AI Booking Bot, The Hub streamlines the process of scheduling appointments, directly integrating with your calendar to enhance efficiency and free up time for essential business operations.

Campaign Content Generation

Through AI, The Hub automates the creation of engaging content for SMS and email campaigns, boosting engagement and conversion by ensuring messages resonate with your audience.


Automated Online Presence Enhancement

The Hub uses AI to craft captivating website copy, blog posts, and social media content, ensuring your digital presence is both engaging and robust.

Efficiency in Content Creation

By automating the content creation process, The Hub significantly reduces time spent on brainstorming and writing, allowing for a focus on strategic business decisions.

Customer Service

Online Reputation Management

The Hub employs Reviews AI to automatically manage and respond to customer reviews, maintaining a stellar online reputation effortlessly.

Continuous Customer Support

With the Conversation AI Bot, The Hub provides round-the-clock customer support, delivering accurate and prompt responses to ensure customer satisfaction.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I train an AI chatbot for my business?

Training an AI chatbot typically involves two primary methods: supplying URLs for the bot to learn from relevant web content and manually entering Question and Answer pairs to tailor its responses to fit your specific business needs. Testing your chatbot is free of charge, and you can continue to train it until you are ready to set it live.

Will users be able to tell they're interacting with a chatbot?

The Hub’s Conversation AI chatbot is designed to deliver accurate and contextually appropriate responses, making the interaction feel quite natural. However, it's good practice to inform users when they're interacting with an AI.

Does utilising AI incur additional costs?

Yes, using AI for enhancing customer interactions, generating content, or managing reviews generally involves additional costs, which can vary widely depending on the type and volume of service used. For instance:

AI-generated content: A typical investment of $10 could yield approximately 105,820 words or produce around 160 images, showcasing the service's cost-efficiency for bulk content creation.

Conversation AI: With $10, you can expect to manage about 475 messages, indicating a practical solution for automating customer service interactions without significant expense.

Reviews AI: An investment of $10 in reviews AI can provide around 120 automated responses to customer reviews, aiding in efficient online reputation management.

These figures highlight the potential for AI to deliver substantial value across various applications, balancing additional costs with efficiency gains and scalability.

Is AI automatically activated in my account?

No, it isn’t. AI features come with different modes of operation, such as manual, suggestive, and autopilot. Users usually need to select their preferred mode to activate AI functionalities for customer interactions.

Why does using AI come with additional costs?

AI incurs extra costs due to the extensive development, computational resources, and ongoing maintenance needed for these sophisticated systems to function effectively and improve over time. These investments ensure AI tools remain relevant, efficient, and capable of delivering valuable insights and automations to businesses.

Level Up Your Business With AI

Leverage The Hub's AI capabilities to enhance operations across sales, content, and customer service for your trade business.

Simplify your processes, engage your customers more deeply, and propel your business forward with intelligence and simplicity.

The Hub is your ally in mastering the digital domain, ensuring your trade business doesn't just compete but leads in today's dynamic market.

Discover the power of streamlined operations and strategic insights with The Hub – where every opportunity leads to your success.

Ready to Close More Deals?

Ready to Close More Deals?

The days of gluing different software together are gone. The Hub does it all!

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The days of gluing different software together are gone. The Hub does it all!


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